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Picture your perfect vacation experience.  Everything goes smoothly from the transfers to your first hotel, checking in, luggage handling, and then finding your way around town to sights and restaurants. Now, how do you make sure that scenario plays out?

Starting with the hours of planning and research before you go on your trip, and then add language barriers and the mission to achieve the perfect vacation becomes daunting.  Once you get to your first destination and want to move to a new location there is the task of figuring out how to get there (plane, train, bus?) and do it all over again.  This ideal vacation does not involve waiting in lines, getting lost, or wasting precious vacation time.

How do you insure your vacation will be perfectly planned and hassle free?  The answer is that you go on a tour.

Many people do not even consider escorted tours as a vacation option.  Instead they feel that they will have a superior experience traveling independently.  They imagine following a tour leader like a pack animal or being stuck on a bus for endless hours with fellow travelers either snoring or talking too loudly. Some see tours as lacking in sophistication or adventure. On the contrary, today’s tour offerings are fine tuned to achieve the perfect balance between planned and unplanned time, and to make the most of every vacation minute by providing special access to the sights so less time is spent waiting in lines.

Tour offerings continue to develop so that these days there are tours available for all types of travelers and their diverse requirements of what makes a successful vacation experience.   Toss away your pre-conceived notions of what a tour is like if you have not had the opportunity to participate in a tour yourself.

Currently tourists have a vast array of tours to suit many different interests and lifestyles.  There are tours focusing on food and wine, culture, nature, adventure, photography and so much more.  There are tours geared toward families, young adults, and all other demographic groups.  There are also tours that proceed with almost breakneck speed and those that enable the travelers to sleep in and take it slow.

Tours are more flexible than ever before.  Whether you want to have all of your time planned out or hardly any advance planning there is a tour for you.

The advantages of a tour versus independent travel are many. One of the most valuable benefits is traveling with the tour leader.  These experts have a vast knowledge of the area, share local stories, have insider information, and cultural insights which enable them to create memorable and meaningful experiences that would be hard to replicate while traveling independently.  On one trip I was on the tour company brought us to a castle where we had a private tour of the property by the owner/resident.  He was an authentic Count whose family had resided in the castle for hundreds of years!  Unique opportunities are not typically accessible to independent travelers but are common in the tour industry.

Typically, there is a great value in joining a tour versus traveling independently.  Tour operators negotiate bulk pricing at the hotel properties, sightseeing attractions, transportation sources, meals and other services. The result from this volume purchasing is that they can offer all these components bundled together to the traveler for an exceptional value and often far less than going it alone.

Purchasing a package or tour involves bundling many components of travel into one price so you know in advance most of the costs.  Budgeting for your vacation is therefore more precise which leads to peace of mind.

Since your trip is organized and planned by professionals and a representative of the tour company is available there will be assistance if an unforeseen problem or emergency does occur.

There are hundreds of reputable tour companies that cater to all different clienteles and cover the globe.  You can count on your travel agent to help you find the right company for your perfect vacation.

Some of the larger and well known tour companies are Trafalgar, Tauck, Globus, Abercrombie & Kent, Adventures by Disney, and many (many!) more.

Wislar Travel specializes in luxury family travel.  All tour companies’ products are available through Wislar Travel.  Contact us to plan your perfect vacation.

Wislar Travel can also book your hotel stay from one night in a budget hotel to a long term stay in a 5 Star resort and everything in between.

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